Level Design/ Game Design ​

Game description:

Transmogrify is a 2D puzzle platformer game with a sci-fi  theme where the player must use enemies to navigate the levels.

My responsibilities:

I am responsible for designing and creating exciting levels and puzzles as well as communicating with my team and implementing their feedback into my work.

 ​I also am actively involved in Game Design for this project and collaborate with members of my team to make decisions for features including narrative, enemy design, puzzle design, trap design and mechanics. 

I focus on guiding the player through the levels using the environment art as focal points and creating lines for the player to follow. I use lighting and colour to guide and provoke certain feelings in the player.  I provide the player with options in the form of multiple paths through the levels.


I aim to create a compelling narrative for in this game alongside stimulating puzzles and traps for the player to enjoy. I design enemies that I feel will be suited to the game and can improve the gameplay whilst enriching the player. 


Godot v3.0.6.





Level breakdown:

Early on in the level I have used a collectible to guide the player into an area where they can see the level exit past a thin wall. I am showing the player their goal and then letting them to decide how to reach it.


Here I am teaching the player to shoot the enemy and then use it's transmog form (An Ice block) to continue through the level.

In this section I am enabling the player to experiment with vertical movement and using objects in the scene to reach their goal.

At this stage of the level I am introducing choice to the player. They can decide which route to take to proceed in the level. 


In this level I am giving the player the choice to navigate the level through two main paths. 

During this part of the level I am encouraging the player to use the jumping mechanic with the added danger of enemies below. I decided to add in the enemies to provide the player with a greater sense of pride and accomplishment when they successfully move past this part of the level. 



At these I am enabling the player to transition between the two main paths, this means that they do not have to walk back on themselves and may explore the level freely. My aim with this is to make the level flow well, and encourage the player to think ahead. 


Enemy design- The bat (working title):

Idle > Player enters area > Enemy drops down onto player > Level failed

Idle > Player shoots enemy > Enemy turns into Transmog form > Player progresses with level

In Transmogrify the player must shoot an enemy and turn it into its "Transmog" form. This form will aid the player to navigate the level or reach hard to reach areas. 

This is one of the enemies that I have designed. My main idea for this enemy was that it would drop from the ceiling as the player approaches it and attack, this would add more of a scare/jump factor into certain levels. I made this decision as a way to control the pace of a level. 

(Artwork created by game artist)


Design Intern

This is the starting level. I decided to make this level simple to complete as I was teaching the player how to use the controls. Being able to complete the level without a lot of effort should build the player's confidence and encourage them to carry on playing.

In this level I am teaching the player about the different terrain types. Mud slows the ball when the ball lands on it, this with the small ledge stops the ball from rolling all the way back into the gap. But if the player hits the ball too soft or hard, then the ball can end up in the gap. Wasting shots for the player.

In this level the player can use the pink bouncy areas to move the ball across the map in fewer shots.

In this level it is easy for the ball to be bounced away from the goal by the terrain. The player must pay attention to where they are aiming their shot.

This level is designed to seem more complicated than it is. The player can very easily make this in 3 stars, but the different routes may cause the player to complete the level in 4 or more stars. They will then need to play the level again to get the highest score.

Windmills are introduced to the player, they can either aid the player by moving the ball in the correct direction, or they can cause the ball to be knocked backwards. The player must decide which way the windmill is working depending on the level.

In this level there is wind at the top of the map that will push the ball to the right hand side, if the player hits the ball too hard they will waste a shot as they have to get it down the gap in the center of the map. Here I am trying to teach the player to be careful with the power of their shots and pay attention to the scene.

In this level the player must decide a route to take to reach the goal. I wanted to give the player freedom to decide how they wanted to play the level.

This is the final level in the game. It uses inspiration from the other levels to challenge the player.


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Game description:

Aztec golfing is a golfing mini game that challenges the player with interesting levels and mechanics. 

My responsibilities:

Whilst an intern at Goblin Boss Games my first task was to produce 50 levels for their mobile game Aztec Golfing. 

The player must hit the ball into the goal area within a number of shots to earn 3, 2 or 1 star. 
I decided how many shots would earn the star tier depending on the difficulty of the level

I also encouraged the players through my level design to play the levels multiple times as 3 stars is not always an easy score to obtain. 




Android and iOS